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Book Recommendation: The Image of Leadership by Sylvie di Giusto

Image of Leadership book cover

Have you read “The Image of Leadership” yet by Sylvie di Giusto? If not, here are a few key concepts that fascinated us about it:

  • -As a leader, you are constantly selling yourself, your capabilities and the product you have to offer.
  • -With that in mind, think about how you are “packaging” yourself as a leader. Are you making an effective first impression? What does your packaging say about you?
  • -You have about seven seconds to make that first impression. In that time, humans make about 11 decisions about each other. Are you knowledgeable? Are you trustworthy? Are your successful? Are you reliable?

Recently, we gave away a few copies of this book as a door prize at a Tri-County Chamber of Commerce event through its REACH program, which is devoted to empowering and connecting women. For more, check out the book here. And let us know about your favorite business and career books!

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