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Go Green and Exceed SBA 504 Lending Limits

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Here’s a great new way to increase SBA financing beyond the usual $5 million total per borrower. Now there is no $ limit to the number of energy efficient or renewable energy solution projects a Borrower can apply for via an SBA 504 loan – and this can substantially increase a Borrower’s total maximum SBA 504 allocation.

Previously, businesses were limited to three $5.5 million “green” projects and a total of $16.5 million in SBA 504 funding.

Now there is no limit to the number of green projects a borrower can apply for with a max of $5.5 million for each qualified green project.  

Even if you already have an SBA loan, you may qualify. All while lowering your business’s energy operating costs and greatly increasing the size of your project.

How to qualify:

  1. Reduce energy consumption by 10%* or more
  2. Produce on-site renewable energy representing 15%* of energy use
  3. Accomplish this through improvements which may include:
  • Improved roofing, energy-efficient windows, doors, building insulation and other energy-efficient building improvements
  • Solar panels, solar thermal heating or cogeneration systems
  • High-efficiency HVAC units or improved HVAC system with timers or sensors
  • High-efficiency lighting

* All energy improvements must be documented via an SBA approved energy audit or professional evaluation.

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