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Next Generation Farmer Loans

The Next Generation Farmer Loan (NGFL) is a cost-effective way for beginning and first-time farmers to get a loan for their growth.

The loan is federal and state tax-exempt for the lender, who passes that benefit off to the borrower in the form of a lower interest rate!

Some NGFL highlights:

Borrowers can use funds to purchase land, farm equipment, and farm buildings, as well as breeding livestock

Terms for repayment are based on the loan request. The typical terms:

  • Five to seven years for equipment
  • Fifteen to twenty-five years for real estate
  • Longer repayment terms mean lower payments for the first time farmer

Loan amounts range from small to large, with the maximum loan size just over $500,000

To apply, the borrower must be a legal resident of Pennsylvania and not be a direct or indirect owner (past or present) of a substantial parcel of land

While there are program guidelines, our industry partners at CCEDC’s AgConnect are experts in this program across Pennsylvania. They will be by your side through the entire process.  Seedcopa welcomes your call or e-mail to discuss your project and whether the NGFL is right for you!

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