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The United States Department of Agriculture Business & Industry (USDA B&I) Guaranteed loan program is designed to finance most needs of small businesses located in an eligible rural area.

Despite the “agriculture” reference, this program’s emphasis is truly on “business and industry.” It seeks to serve for-profit businesses, non-profit and cooperative businesses, federally recognized Tribes, and other public bodies.

Recipients may use USDA B&I loan funds to:

  • Purchase and develop commercial, owner-occupied real estate
  • Purchase equipment, leasehold improvements, machinery, supplies, or inventory
  • Enable business conversion, enlargement, repair, modernization, or development
  • Acquire a business to prevent the business from closing and thus save jobs
  • Create jobs
  • Refinance debt (new jobs creation and other conditions required)

USDA B&I is a guaranteed loan program. In other words, if the borrower’s business failed, the lender can go to the USDA and receive repayment for the guaranteed portion of the loan. This allows the lender to approve deals that might not meet conventional commercial loan requirements and therefore would otherwise be declined.

Other USDA B&I loan program benefits are:

Loans ranging from small to large

  • Financing goes up to $25 million

Long-term financing that can exceed conventional bank loan terms

  • Up to 30 years on commercial real estate

Interest rates are based upon the individual project

We welcome your call or email to discuss how this loan may fit your needs!

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